Hedge’s new drum set up : The Roland TD-30KV

It’s with great thanks to the guys at Roland that I now have this amazing new set-up. A bold move to move away from an acoustic (although I have by no means, neglected the awesomeness of an acoustic kit), this new TD-30KV gives way to great new opportunities for the TRIBAZIK sound. I’ve lugged around both an acoustic and electronic kit for many years now, and having jammed on the TD-30KV a few months back, it hit me just how much Roland have stepped it up a notch. The feel of this kit is second-to-none and the cymbals feel so much better to play than they ever have. It’s a compact kit that will put a smile on the faces of all the in-house engineers that have had the joy of micing-up my old set-up! We’re going to be sampling off all the original acoustic drum & percussion sounds from the ‘Data Warfare’ recordings. The incredible Octopad will replace my side snare and octobans leaving 3 other pads available to trigger more live sounds. By using the dual-trigger capability of the main Roland TD-30VK drum pads, we will now assign all the samples previously triggered from my old electronic pads to the rims and assign my acoustic drum sounds to the mesh pads. I have the addition of two PD-8s to trigger the main samples (the ones I hit most regularly) in each song meaning I now, have a total of 10 sample trigger options, as opposed to 6 before. No more mics, a fatter kick sound, toms you can actually HEAR live, more live sounds and way more possibilities…Hello future!


roland drums