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Space Debris B-Sides

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Bandcamp are waiving their fees today. So while we finish off the New Era E.P dig deep into our vaults and grab some never before released B Sides 


THIS IS WHERE THE JOURNEY BEGAN….We thought it would be a laugh to put out digital masters of some old tracks (c.2OO3) that have never before been released.

These are tunes we recorded with our original bass player, Blaise and kind of capture the roots of TRIBAZIK – a nod ‘n’ wink to some of the early influences and experiments that would eventually mould the band’s sound.

Click below and grab 3 B-Sides for £1… we’ll also chuck in 10% off using discount code ‘ten’ at checkout. Loads more reduced merch available from our store for a limited time only. Plus Free UK shipping!!!

Thanks! – your support will help cover costs for our upcoming vinyl “New era E.P.”

Happy New Year

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

A happy new year to all!
We’ve been writing new tuuuunes ready for 2017!

Tribazik new music writing 3rd album

Tribazik new music writing 3rd album