Gary DS Documentary on Kickstarter

Gary DS was like no other. He was all about the MUSIC (& didn’t give a fuck about money). He was generous & adventurous, funny & decisive. He knew what he wanted in life and supported many bands like us along the way. What a grin, what a legend. We miss him so much! ⭐️

Please take a look at this Kickstarter campaign to bring his backstory to life – This documentary film will tell the incredible story of 2000 DS, the most notorious and anarchic punk band to ever come out of the Welsh Valleys!…/mrtorquay/dirty-squatters

We are having a 25% off sale on our Bandcamp this Friday with all proceeds going to this cause. So please either Pledge directly or grab yourself a bargain and still help (or both!) Use ‘gary25’ at checkout on 7/4/23 –